Sunday, April 24, 2011

while i am and there

01. the unmessy side of my room
02. apartment block
03. wall of papers
04. close up of wall of papers

canon eos 88, fuji superia 200

Saturday, April 23, 2011

while i am away...around the artscience museum

after taking in the exhibitions, i had myself a little photowalk around the museum. it really is a gorgeous space and the view of the singapore skyline is almost worth the price of the ticket.

canon eos 88, ferrania solaris 800

Friday, April 22, 2011

while i am away...inside the artscience museum

a couple of weeks ago, i had the chance to tour the new artscience museum at the marina bay sands. honest i was a little afraid that all the pictures i took would turn out crappy because flash photography wasn't allowed. i had to content myself with the programme mode and holding the camera as steady as possible but once again the eos 88 exeeded my expectations. i especially love the last two images from the exhibition Shipwrecked: Tang Treasures and Monsoon Winds.

i had to hold the camera for a pretty long time for the close-up on the ceramic bowl and i was trying to achieve depth of field, i am so happy the image turned out the way it was in my head. i also love the last one very much, the original surroundings were actually quite a bit brighter and i was afraid the reflections from the glass case would affect the picture but surprisingly, the picture turned out very well, sort of mysterious even.

canon eos 88, ferrania solaris 800

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

while i am away...a light in the dark

like i said, really happy that i can shoot at night!

canon eos 88, fuji superia 200

Sunday, April 17, 2011

while i am birthday weekend

i can't remember if i mentioned this on the blog but my cousin gave me his old canon eos 88, a fully automatic film slr camera. unfortunately he did not give me a manual so it's been a rollercoaster ride trying to figure out how to work the functions of the camera. i have been reading up other canon eos camera manuals which is useful but because they are all for digital cameras, not everything is the same. still, they are very informative about the basic functions of the eos product line.

i took out the camera for its first whirl during my birthday weekend in march. i am really happy with the results. with the camera in programme mode, i could take pictures at night even without the flash. the first three are flash shots, the fourth was without flash and the last two was taken indoors in cafe.

i will be sharing more shots from my first few rolls from this camera in the next few posts. i really love the results so far.

canon eos 88, fuji superia 200

Friday, April 15, 2011

holga-versary, sharing is caring

this blog post marks the last of my holga-versary week posts and i hope that you have enjoyed it! this may be the last post but that does not mean that we have to stop the celebration of the holga. to this end, i have compiled a list of links of websites, blogs and flickr groups dedicated to sharing the awesomeness of the holga.

blogs and websites

hello holga a project blog started by amanda of here comes the sun and dane of tornadoes and tigers

go holga probably one of the most holga websites around!

holga direct a one-stop holga community-based website with a shop, interviews with master holga photographers, tips, tricks, giveaways.

life through a plastic lens another excellent website for the beginner photographer, explains film types, basics and troubleshooting

holga blog a film photography magazine with regular features of holga photographers

rhianne's holga week celebrated her holga last year as well.

flickr pools


holga 35mm

the holga pool the flickr pool for hello holga blog

holga xpro all cross processed photos taken with a holga camera

for those who have a holga, i hope you continue enjoying and discovering with your camera and for those who haven't got one, i urge you to seriously consider buying one! :)

now, i am going to go pack my bags for korea. i am leaving tomorrow morning and you can bet that when i board the plan tomorrow, my holga will be slung around my neck ready to snap snap snap!

peace out! (by the way, anyone wants to make a guess how many rolls of film i will come home with in two weeks? hee!)

holga-versary day #5


in university, i did one class on singapore architecture and from there i learned lots of interesting facts about singapore's architectural landscape. it's fascinating that such a small island has so many historical buildings like the cathedral of the good shepherd (first photo on the right) which was built in 1832. i also always thought that singapore's public housing (or flats) were rather cookie cutter but i learned that there are actual many different architectural styles according to different periods. i was and remain fascinated by architecture. i love to find out the history of the building and poke around in different niches and nooks in the building. and it goes without saying that i love to point my holga at them!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

the winner of the holga-versary giveaway is...


of one of my favourite blogs curating cuteness and my korean language twitter partner in crime! i can't wait to see her use these films in her golden half for her weekend road trips!

and finally, a big big THANK YOU to you who joined in my first little giveaway, it has been really fun doing it, and i hope in future i can do a bigger giveaway to thank everyone for being so supportive of this little space!

holga celebrations on this blog is still on-going! remember to check in here tomorrow, i still have two more posts prepped and ready to go!

holga-versary day #4

KOREA 2010

some of my favourite photos from my trip to korea last year. this korea trip was the reason i bought a holga and right now i am really excited to go back a year later to take more photos.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

holga-versary day #3


my digital camera gave up its ghost during the crazy photo-taking session we had after collecting our degree. luckily my holga came to the rescue and i still have lots of lovely memories of my graduation day.

BEST.DAY.EVER! (i can't believe it's been almost a year since i graduated.)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

holga-versary day #2


i love that the holga has a hotshoe which i can attach a flash with colour filters. instead of just a normal flash at night shot, i can create crazy pictures with all sorts of different colours. and with the multi-exposure button, it gets even wilder!

Monday, April 11, 2011

holga-versary day #1


welcome to holga week! it's been one year since i bought my holga and it's been such a fun ride! i am so excited to celebrate my holga-versary with you. for the first post, i thought there's no better way to kick off this week sharing with you my favourite shots from my first row of film or technically the first row that i managed to develop! my real first row of film was a dud. you can imagine how excited i was when i finally finally managed to successfully develop out some images!

How was your first shots? If you do share your shots, send me your blogs links and I will link them up. You never forget your first roll!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

holga-versary giveaway!

to celebrate my one-year holga-versary, i have a series of holga-only themed posts coming up this week! but to start things off on the right foot, i am going to do a small film giveaway to spread the analogue love! the films up for grabs are ferrania solaris, in three different ISOs, 100, 200 and 800, efiniti UXi200, a film produced in Singapore, although it may just be repackaged film and the fujifilm NPH 400, a professional film for portraits.

i am super excited to be able to do this giveaway, to give a little something back to the community and to spread the awesomeness that is film photography. to think, i have barely touched a digital camera for one year. i find that by documenting my life with film, i am actually thinking about how best to capture the moods and feelings of the moment. it's no longer just a click-click-click motion anymore. i love the unexpected surprises of using film and the different colours and tones that different films bring. i love the anticipation of waiting for the photos to be developed. i moan and groan over spoilt shots. i laugh and feel elated at the sight of a great one. photography is so much more about emotions and feelings now than technology. i love it and i don't see it leaving my life.

right, enough about me waxing lyrical about my love for film! i am going to try to keep this contest simple and easy for everyone to enter.

1) to enter, please leave a comment below and your email so that i can contact you.

for additional entries, you can:

2) be a follower of this blog

3) follow my twitter feed (on the sidebar)

4) blog or retweet this giveaway.

when you are done with each additional entry, leave another comment!

this giveaway is open internationally and will close on 14 April, 9pm Singapore Time (which is GMT +8). i will do a pick on 15 April and announce the winner on the same day if possible. however i will only be able to send the package when i return from korea on 1 May but to make up for the delay, you can expect some extra goodies from korea in the package! good luck! :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

[cambodia 2010] the russian market

cambodia travel diary day five

our fifth and last day in cambodia was a lazy lazy day. i spent the morning reading by the pool, hoping to acquire some sort of tan. (i am suddenly struck by the thought of why didn't i bring down at least one camera to the poolside!) in the afternoon, we hit the russian market for some last minute souvenir shopping. the russian market had loads of souvenirs but it really was rather small (compared to thailand's chatuchak). you could easily cover that place in two hours. after a quick dinner in the hotel, we headed to the airport for our night flight.

it was an amazing trip and i look forward to going back with my friends, spending more time among the ruins, breathing in the history. this also finally concludes my cambodia travel diary. it has only taken me like four months to post up everything. why yes, procrastination is my middle name! :)

oh and if you haven't heard, i will be going back to korea next week! i am so excited, i have been planning and planning for this trip to happen and it's so so close. i can't wait. if you want to read more about this, visit my project blog for this trip our april adventure! i am co-writing it with my trip buddies and we have been posting our planning sessions and pre-trip preparations!

fisheye 2, kodak color plus 200

Thursday, April 7, 2011

[cambodia 2010] independence monument and wat phnom

cambodia travel diary day four
as we travelled around phnom penh, we had a quick photo op at the independence movement built to commemorate cambodia's independence from the french. the style of the monument is meant to resemble angkor wat. so appropriate.

wat phnom is the founding spot of phnom penh. legend has is that a lady named daun penh found four bronzed buddha statues by the river banks, taking these statues to a small hill, she built a shrine on it and placed the statues in it. slowly, the city of phnom penh grew around it and the city flourished. well, legend or not, the wat phnom temple is a sacred place and is the largest religious building in the city. unfortunately, by the time we got there, it was twilight and the other pictures i took came out extremely under-exposed.

before wat phnom, we visited the killing fields and the S21 interrogation centre. i didn't think it was appropriate to take pictures of such sad places. even though the killing fields is currently a peaceful field, my heart felt really heavy and sad for the ones who died. the S21 interrogation was even worse, we walked through the interrogation rooms and cells, and it was just horrible. god bless the souls of the victims.

golden half, konica minolta vx 200
fisheye 2, kodak color plus 200

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