Sunday, July 31, 2011

raw fish is yummy.

we popped into one of the little restaurants that line the street of the outdoor market. we had no idea which one to go into so we just looked for the kindest looking shopkeepers. we ordered the seasonal menu for two, although there were really three of us. the food that came were more than enough for all of us. so much yummy seafood, some simply boiled, some grilled and some served raw. that humongous plate of raw fish was the star of the show of course. there were about four variety of fishes and we couldn't stop eating. there was also this wonderful clam soup, hot, peppery, heartwarming.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

busan harbour

i felt very at home in busan, maybe because it's a port city like singapore.

Friday, July 29, 2011

what's in my bag, 28 july

my iphone recently went on the fritz, and i was forced to switch off my wifi + 3g functions just to prolong battery life for calling and texting. while i missed being able to read with the news apps and tweet all the thoughts that run through my head, it was the various camera apps that really had me going through iphone withdrawal symptoms.

finally, on monday, i decided enough was enough. i went to a small repair shop where within 20 minutes, my phone was given a new lease of life and i have been on snapping spree since. the app i have been playing around with most is leme-leme camera app, it seems to me like a free version of hipstamatic (by the way, should i buy it?).

so last night, i snapped the contents of my bag and am now the latest in a long to share what's in my bag!

1. brown bucket bag
2. green leather wallet
3. eclipse mints
4. my trusty 3-year-old ipod
5. pens
6. cleanse your soul roll-on in iced peach tea
7. tissues
8. handcream
9. my 2011 moleskine
10. newater bottle (the water is recycled from waste!)

moving on to busan

quieter and more laidback than seoul, busan exudes a shabby-chic type charm. we spent the first morning, walking around the city centre, orientating ourselves to our new environment.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Inspiring Singapore // By Airmail

note: inspiring singapore is my scrapbook of made-in-singapore blogs, design, photography, places, events or art. they really can be anything but they will always have two things in common, always inspiring and all singaporean. this is my tribute to my country.
By Airmail is a small independent lifestyle label whose designs follow the theme of travel and wanderlust. now, as an incorrigible traveller myself, how could i resist designs like these?

in by airmail's own words: a basic and durable tote. ideal for your day trip!

in by airmail's own words: jot down your thoughts where ever  you go on this jotter tote.

in by airmail's own words: write your email address and mobile number on a Hello Stranger Name Card and pass it to friends you meet along your journey. a fun way to keep in touch!

in by airmail's own words: Be the author of your own travel adventure.

by airmail is available at the following places
threadbare & squirrel – 43 haji lane, 2nd storey
the little dröm store – 7 ann siang hill
crazyworld cafe – 24 temple street
blackmarket no.2 – 181 orchard road, #02-10 orchard central

by airmail
website | facebook

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

mmmg cafe, seoul

this is an experiment, shooting a cafe in black & white. what do you think?
my thoughts are that, although cafes should be shot in colour, so that you can appreciate the hard work the shopkeepers have put in, mmmg cafe somehow seems suited for the moody black & white tones. perhaps because it was all decked out in industrial shabby chic. by the way, this place is love, see pictures of it in colour here.

Monday, July 25, 2011

insadong, in black & white

i recently received the only black&white roll of film that i shot in seoul. this was taken on day 4 of the trip in insadong, a cultural street in central Seoul. insadong is the only street in seoul where all store signs have to be written in korean, so instead of starbucks coffee, you would see 스타벅스커피.

i love the first and second shot best. it makes me see why black&white is so well suited and so well loved for street portraiture.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

a dreary / day / of discovery

it was terribly rainy day when we visited changdeokgung, one of the great palaces of korea. we were especially looking forward to visiting the famous biwon (or secret garden). you could imagine our disappointment when we woke up to rain and when we got there too late to join the english or the mandarin tour. you can only enter the secret garden with a guided tour. oh and it wasn't easy to juggle an umbrella and a camera too.


to combat all these dreariness, i have a few new links for day of discovery today! they all centre around the theme of handmade. hope you like them, and pass me more if you have some too!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New feature, Inspiring Singapore

Lately, i have been coming across many many inspiring made-in-singapore blogs, designs, photographers, places, music, events and art and with singapore's national day coming up on 9 august, this is the perfect time to begin a new feature inspiring singapore on my blog. Simply put, this is my scrapbook of inspiration from singapore and my own little way to show my love for my country.
I have humongous list of things to feature but today, i am going to start with Black Forest, a local band whose song covers have been on constant repeat on my ipod these few days

Aren't they pretty awesome? All these songs have been on constant repeat on my ipod and playing in my head as i work. Perhaps you are thinking how on earth did i download these songs, isn't that not supporting the band by not buying their EP? Well, that's because Black Forest makes their mash ups and original songs available for free downloads on their website and you can choose to make a voluntary monetary contribution. After downloading, I made a small contribution, hoping that one day their musical dreams will come true. Till then, I am excited to watch them live when they perform at Crazyworld Cafe on 31 july, click here for more info.
black forest 黑森林
website | facebook

(do you like this new feature? if you know any other inspiring singapore types, pass them my way anytime!)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a train journey

one day, we took the train from seoul to incheon airport to welcome the arrival of our friend and surprise her with a birthday cake!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

residential hongdae

you have probably heard of hongdae, one of the hippest hangouts in seoul. due to our getting lost, we glimpsed a sight of hongdae not seen by many. a hongdae where people live and breathe, where the sun bathes its warm glow over as it sets.

Friday, July 15, 2011

randoms from seoul forest

01. literally, the forest
02. a deer house
03. an apple blossom
04. the deer forest
05. coolest bike ever.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

deers in the forest

the best things in seoul forest are definitely the deers in the eco-section of the park. they came right up to the fence and are so adorable. who could resist bambi? not me nor the ducklings!
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