Wednesday, August 31, 2011

wednes/day of discovery

it's been an absolutely crazy work week so far in green tea fields land, i feel like i have been working for 2 weeks rather than just 2 days (and yesterday was a public holiday). thankfully, it gets a little easier from this point onwards because i have friday off. hooray!

blogs to bookmark

making it, the blog of jen and omar of the shop these are things, they are one cartographically creative couple. (couldn't resist all that alliteration).

kendi everyday, you probably already bookmarked this site like the 9000 people in front of me but i just had to include it. i just adore her writing style, it's snarky but yet so engaging.

oh so beautiful paper, i will never ever get tired of paper. never!

images to inspire

i art you's august break day 18, where is this ride because i need to get on it right now!

lady bonin's tea parlour, ditto above. where is this van because i need some tea now!

Monday, August 29, 2011

moonlight parade

i am ecstatic that my photographs at night of the parade turned out so well. most of the time, when i snap at night, i usually take on "the glass is half-empty" mindset so that i can be surprise when they do turn out. and boy was i hugely surprised when i saw this set! i didn't even use any special night-time settings, i just left it on program mode and prayed for the best. perhaps cross-processing the film amped up the colour and brightness as well. in any case, i am just thrilled at how gorgeous they are!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

day into night

as day turned into night, we found ourselves in little europe.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

everland randoms

the last photo is one of my favourite photos ever, a trio of pink foil dolphins swimming within the trees, how awesome is that? :D

everland, the zoo

one of everland's biggest rides is the jungle safari ride, where you are taken into a simulated safari land where real lions, tigers, giraffes and bears roam, it was incredibly exciting to be so up close to these animals. all that is separating you is the glass panel from the safari bus. also not forgetting the little ones, there was also a petting zoo with the cutesy animals for children to interact with.

out of my five pictures here, one of the animals here are not real. guess which one! hee!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

wednes/day of discovery

these two pictures belong to my first few rolls of film but i never realised how compatible they are as a diptych. i really like them as a set. anyway, lots of cool discoveries this week!

wedding & engagement photoshoots that had me at hello

damn, these kids are cool, this is the most creative and laugh-out-loud engagement shoot i have ever seen serious!

debi and joel's engagement shoot, an engagement shoot in disneyland, oh yes please!

sylvia + rob, can this wedding be anymore picturesque?

super cool stuff

wall display, highly inspired to do something like that in my bedroom. i am the type that gets bored of my displays fast and always want to change things up so this is perfect!

maddie's 4th arty birthday party, even though i am in my twenties, i want my next birthday party to be like this!

art of the menu, the menu of a restaurant/cafe tells us many things about the establishment, not to mention some of them have awesome designs.(via NOTED)

don't forget to share your discoveries too, i want to know! so if you have a post where you link up super cool stuff, tell me!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


finally sharing my photos of themepark day in seoul! EVERLAND, WHEEE!
everland is korea's answer to disneyland, it is family-friendly yet filled with thrills, frills and spills (and we did get wet)! i have been there twice, and both days, they were filled with school children on their field trips. i wish i was so lucky to have a theme park as a destination for my field trips. jealous maximus!

(by the way, i am very in love with the colours of this film, a little bit too neon but they just conveyed the excitement we had throughout the day!)

Monday, August 22, 2011

everyday life lately, with the iphone

week 33, 15-21 August 2011

01. an epic cloud on the way home from work
02. streetlamp
03. beat the heat fro-yo
04. oh the irony of the text
05. kajiki foie gras
06. glass noodles
07. public garden flea market
08. sunday lunch of tomyum soup
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