Tuesday, November 22, 2011

scenes of bangkok, part 10

and here we are, the last post about my bangkok travels. i went up to the hotel's rooftop pool to try and grab a few shots of the city. there was a glass barrier and the inevitable reflection but i quite like how it turned out in the first photo. the reflections of the foliage added a rather interesting texture to the space where the sky is, don't you think?

i am going to begin working on my australian series of photographs in a bit. if you follow my flickr account, you will see that i am slowly uploading the photographs that i have taken. i am up to about day 4 now, with hopes of getting up to day 6 by sunday. for the australian series, i am thinking of changing up my blogging style a little. i usually begin writing at the end of the photographs but i think i might try interspersing text within the images. let me know what you think and we will see how it goes.

have a good weekend. ciao!

scenes of bangkok, part 9

a few more scenes from the streets of bangkok.

scenes of bangkok, part 8

after dark street side stalls in chinatown, bangkok

just a minute, in november (a meme by muchlove-anna)

watching...helvetica by gary hustwit / the big bang theory
reading...eater's digest by lorraine bodger
finding...the thunderstorms happening in the middle of the day really inconvenient
listening...cleasing cream by brown eyed girls
drinking...iced lemon tea
enjoying...twining's lady grey tea

scenes of bangkok, part 7 & hi y'all, i am back!

hello loves! i am back on the sunny island of singapore (and have been for five days). it's been a torture getting back to my normal life rhythm. how i wish i could stroll the streets of sydney and melbourne forever, with my greatest worry being whether can i get myself to the next great coffee shop before closing time!

i have sent my films to be processed and scanned, and received them back yesterday. if you follow my twitter, you should know that i was pretty bummed out that two rolls of films did not turn out. don't worry though, i bounced back when i saw what the other rolls i had in store for me. i have so many images that i want to share once i finish sorting through the negatives and uploading them up to flickr. you should know by now that i am not the most efficient person in the world so it's going to be a wee little while before i get to sharing them.

i hope you have been enjoying the photographs i have been posting up of my trip to bangkok. if you do, that's great, because there's plenty more to come. i just planned another 4 more posts to finishing up this series before moving on to australia! i love this set that i posted a lot because it makes me craves for tomyum soup. i maintain that tomyum soup in any other country besides thailand will never taste as good as the ones in thailand! i have to have at least bowl of that amazing soup whenever i visit, whether be it by the roadside, at a little store or at restaurant. anyone of them beats the ones in singapore hollow. i can already feel my tastebuds curling their toes in anticipation of a mouthful of that soup. well, sorry buddies, i have to be disappoint you there.

x | till the next post, mich.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

scenes of bangkok, part 4

street stall owners going about their daily business. everything i bought was delicious, i don't even care if they are not totally hygienic.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

scenes of bangkok, part 2

we mostly walked around the streets on our first day, marvelling at the crazy traffic which it's always a shock however many times you have been there, browsing the street stores. we also stumbled upon the transformers 3D premier at centralworld. all those humongous transformers were pretty cool.

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