Tuesday, November 22, 2011

scenes of bangkok, part 10

and here we are, the last post about my bangkok travels. i went up to the hotel's rooftop pool to try and grab a few shots of the city. there was a glass barrier and the inevitable reflection but i quite like how it turned out in the first photo. the reflections of the foliage added a rather interesting texture to the space where the sky is, don't you think?

i am going to begin working on my australian series of photographs in a bit. if you follow my flickr account, you will see that i am slowly uploading the photographs that i have taken. i am up to about day 4 now, with hopes of getting up to day 6 by sunday. for the australian series, i am thinking of changing up my blogging style a little. i usually begin writing at the end of the photographs but i think i might try interspersing text within the images. let me know what you think and we will see how it goes.

have a good weekend. ciao!

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