Saturday, November 27, 2010

shadow shot sunday: the flowers' shadows

"Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower." - Hans Christian Andersen

iphone, cross process, extreme filter

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

my neighbourhood #4

the last selection of images from this roll of film. this is my first time using a black&white roll of film, i enjoyed experimenting with it in all sorts of light. i shot in normal light, sunny days, the golden hour, just before dusk, and the lucky 100 has performed phenomenally in all conditions. in bright sunlight, the image seems to 'glow' slightly (eg. the left image of the second picture), which is an effect that reminds me of solaris film. and as you all know, i adore my solaris. even when an area isn't very well-lit or with fading light, the film still managed to capture the image (eg. the swings, the bicycle and this pictures). it provides a lot of grey tones as well, giving the images a softer and old-time look. it's also fairly grainy, which i personally don't mind, i think it adds to the old-fashion feel.

roll 4, golden half, lucky 100

p/s: i am wearing my new jumpsuit today and i feel so glam! 


lauren carney - thank you so much! i hope you will come back and visit.

ida - hi ida! yep, i know you have one! i read through loads of your blog's archives and i saw it. oops! this is just showing how much of a blog stalker i am! hee! but you have to use your golden half more often, i love your pictures!

chubskulit - thank you for following, you guys mean the world to me!

rhianne - you better get one soon! but i am curious, does england have the same drinks like in singapore? i know the us have more options. i wish i could drink those lattes in cold cold weather, it would feel so much more christmassy.

Monday, November 22, 2010

much love monday: big red heart

it's another monday, bringing us a little closer to the end of the year. not sure whether to be happy or sad that 2010 is coming to an end.

list of loves
- starbucks' holiday drinks. i had a toffee nut frappucino and a peppermint mocha latte last week. i have one more dark cherry mocha to conquer.
- reading romances. i spent my sunday evening wallowing in bed with rachel gibson's i'm in no mood for love.
- ramen. i had a wonderful bowl of ramen last tuesday on a cold, rainy day. it doesn't get any more perfect than that. mmm...
- aglio olio. something's up with me and noodles because i have had at least 3 plates of aglio olio in the last two weeks.

pass on the monday love!

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

shadow shot sunday: rubber bubble

hello everybody, how's your weekend so far? i had a full full saturday. i woke up really early at 8am (i am a terrible slob, i usually wake up at 11am on weekends) for breakfast with my good friend. after, i met other friends for a full afternoon of shopping. i came away with a pair of grey wedges and a black jumpsuit, things i wouldn't normally wear or buy so that's really exciting for me. i am flat out on my bed right now, catching up with everybody's blogs and planning my posts for the week ahead.

i didn't have a shadow until yesterday when i went for my office's happy hour. it had a retro theme and we got to play with games of yore. i zero-ed in for the bubbles. it's not a regular bubble but a gummy substance you can wind around a straw and then blow it up into a huge bubble. i placed it down in a patch of sunlight and unwittingly got my shadow shot sunday!

my neighbourhood #3

i shot this set on the way home from work. for once i was out of the office early for golden hour to be still hanging around by the time i got out of the subway. i especially love the tree shots.

roll 4, golden half, lucky 100

Thursday, November 18, 2010

my neighbourhood #2

there's some construction going on...

roll 4, golden half, lucky 100

Monday, November 15, 2010

much love monday: paper heart

hello! it's been a while since i have a picture to join the much love monday fun. a simple paper heart i made during lunch on friday.

list of loves

- my girlfriends; a wonderful sunday afternoon of shopping, lunch and snarky-friendly conversations

- coincidences; running into one of my best friends at f21 and having a girly minute talking about clothes

- holidays; a little more than a month to cambodia and a public holiday on wednesday this week.

- my new white instax mini 7; instant photos love!

- and my new followers, it means so much to me that you like enough to follow my blog. xoxo.

iphone, cross process, extreme filter

Sunday, November 14, 2010

shadow shot sunday: shadow shapes

i have a new shadow to share! this is my current favourite shadow shot. i noticed that the road barriers along the road i was walking along were making all this fantastic shapes where there the light shone through and i just had to stop and snap them. it looks more like a poster, doesn't it? It's a shadow, I swear!

If you have a shadow to share, go on to Harriet's blog to join in the fun! Happy Sunday, everybody!

Shadow Shot Sunday

iphone, cross process app, red filter

Friday, November 12, 2010

i have been a bad bad girl

in the last week or so, i purchased

4 x Solaris 100 (expired)

2 x Solaris 100

3 x Solaris 200 (expired)

1 x Kodak Max 400 (expired)

1 x Konica VX 200 Super (expired)

3 x Kodak Color Plus 200

3 x Sunny 100

2 x Agfa CT Precisa

2 x Fuji Sensia 100

1 x Instax Mini pack


a FUJI INSTAX MINI 7 in white!


i am thinking of getting more. omg, i have a problem. somebody help!

Monday, November 1, 2010

roll randoms

roll 2, golden half, solaris 100

golden half, rag day #7

consciously chose to shoot people with my golden half. i like to have themes when i shoot on my golden half so that i can have some sort of a narrative with all the half-frames. but of course, i will still be given to randoms because themes be damned when there's something interesting to shoot!

comparing this roll of pictures with the ones shot on the fuji reala, these are so much more vibrant. i really love the golden glow that the solaris film brings to all my shots.

roll 2, golden half, solaris 100
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