Thursday, September 29, 2011

encountering the la sardina, part 4 | multi-exposures

more photographs from the la sardina, today it's about the multi-exposure button!

if i were to describe my character as a lomographer, i would say that i am a pretty timid creature. i rarely do multi-exposures and bulb mode shots because i am afraid of wasting my precious film. the only thing that i experiment with is the type of films to use (as you can see on my sidebar). but with the la sardina and the challenge of the loblography competition in mind, i determined to be timid no more!

at the moment, the only multi-exposure principle that i can work out in my head is by looking for interesting textures to add to an otherwise normal photograph (above two). in fact, i am thinking of shooting an entire roll of textures, then doubling it with other stuff. in most other cases, i am still pretty bad at trying to grasp the principle of dark and light areas for mx, see below.

time to run out and practice more, methinks! the sardina won't be mine for much longer. yikes!

remember to leave a comment on THIS BLOG POST to help me win the lc-a! i am giving out piggy points to 10 lucky commenters! :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

encountering the la sardina, part 3 | the best shots

so, this is my official post for all of you to comment and help me to win the lc-a! i have slightly less than two weeks to gather all the comments i can, so i will be working hard to get as many as i can!

this set of photos are composed with photos from my first two rolls of film shot this past week. the first 8 photos are taken with the lomography xpro 200 film and the last 4 photos are taken with the ferrania solaris 400 film. i will be posting up more posts throughout this week with photos from those two roll of film. look out for them!

to recap, there are two prizes up for grabs in the loblography singapore challenge. the first. get the most comments/likes/reblogs on a blog post to win the lc-a and be featured in the lomography magazine and newsletter. the second, the most creative article gets to keep the la sardina camera. i will gather together  my most creative photos later, as i am not done with experimenting and playing around with this camera. for having so little features and being so simple to use, there seems to be an infinite number of ways to create images on the la sardina.

lomography singapore has also kindly provided all the participating bloggers with 10 x 10 lomography piggy points vouchers to give away to 10 of our lucky readers. for non-lomography users, piggy points are basically online store credit to be used in the lomography shop

i will be giving out my piggy points with the usual giveaway style, using to determine who gets the 10 piggy points.

for a chance to win 10 piggy points & help me win the lc-a

1) comment on this blog post

for an additional entry, please leave an additional comment for each action

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3) blog/facebook/tweet about this post, please include my blog link or my twitter handle @greenteafields

suggested tweet:
help @greenteafields win an LC-A in the loblography singapore challenge and stand to win 10 piggy points for yourself!

the competition and the giveaway ends on 9 October! the challenge has been extended till 16 October!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

encountering the la sardina, part 2 | the meet up

01. the wonderful world of lomography
02. kiwikoh, josephine, hpility, youthinkicarewhatyousay, lovelivfe
03. the fischers fritze

a couple of pictures of the meetup last week to collect the la sardina cameras.
one week into the challenge, how is everyone doing?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

wednes/day of discovery: the la sardina edition

coincidentally, two of my favourite photo-bloggers for the easily distracted and everything reminds me of you own the la sardina as well. and even more fortuitously, they have been posting about their camera and the photos they have been taking so i have had lots of research material to work with. to make the deal just a little sweeter, their photos have been of, arguably, two of the greatest cities in the world, NEW YORK and PARIS!

so go on, check out their gorgeous photos and reviews!

rhianne take a walk along the canal with her sardina, and around paris.

elle delves into the history books about the kandor camera that inspired the la sardina and takes black and white shots of New York City. She also introduces us to milk&miel, another fabulous blogger who owns the la sardina.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

encountering the la sardinia, part 1

in the spirit of being more creative and to step out of my comfort zone for the loblography singapore challenge. i decided to make a video of me unboxing and loading in the first roll of film. it was filmed the day that we received our cameras, at one of my favourite cafes and then i edited it that very night!

hope you like it!

update about my progress
right now, i am just getting used to the camera and i have shot about 25 shots of my first roll. i hope to finish it tomorrow since i am attending a conference right next door to the designated film processing shot. my first thoughts about the camera is that i really like the solid built to the camera. none of my other toy cameras feel quite as well-built and as sturdy as the la sardinia. it's also been quite awhile since i played around with toy cameras so i am making all the rookie toy camera mistakes all over again, leaving the camera on in bulb mode, forgetting to adjust the focus ring. i am also getting used to the viewfinder, which is in the shape of submarine, as it is much wider than other viewfinders that i am used to. with such a wide angle, i am finding it difficult to compose shots. i am, however, experimenting a lot with super close-ups and multi-exposures.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

the loblography singapore challenge

about three weeks ago, i was invited by (the newest kid on the lomography block) lomography singapore to register for the loblography singapore challenge. with nothing to lose and all to gain from three weeks playing with the la sardinia, i threw my name into the ring and waited for the results of the shortlist.

boy, was i surprised when i opened my inbox on friday morning to find out that i had been selected as one of twenty of singapore's coolest bloggers (their words, not mine although i am grateful they think of me as such) to take part in the challenge!

lomography singapore wasted no time starting the challenge this morning when they called all the bloggers for a meet up at the red dot museum to explain the rules of the challenge and to hand over the cameras to us. we drew lots for the cameras and i picked the fischers fritze which included the fritz the blitz flash! i am terribly excited to begin shooting with this camera so for the next three weeks, expect nothing but a constant bombardment of posts about the lomography la sardinia camera!

once again, big thanks to lomography singapore for giving me this opportunity and a shout out to the analog dork whom i met at the meetup!

Friday, September 16, 2011

from seoul to singapore

as much as i love to travel beyond my shores, i always love flying home and the anticipation of getting that first glimpse of home. and as corny as it sounds, i always play michael buble's home during the aircraft's final descent, that is until the air stewardess asks me to take my earphones!

singapore is really gorgeous in the evening. our skyline and our waters are as distinctive as it gets.

this is the last post from my travels to korea earlier this year. it's been a pretty long ride, and i thank you so very much for staying all the way through with me. all the comments i have received meant so much and i have thoroughly loved sharing one of my favourite countries with you. the next few posts will be from my short trips to bali and bangkok in the last couple of months but i will be keeping them short with the hope that in a couple of weeks, i can begin to share an blog my everyday life.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

hello kitty cafe

one of my travel pals love all things pink and cutesy, on our last night in seoul, we decided to indulge her when we found the hello kitty cafe had opened up a branch in daehangno, right outside the door step of our hostel.

hongdae & porridge

on our last full day in seoul, we had hoped that the weather would stay fine enough for the hongdae weekend market craft market to happen. hongdae is known as an arty and collegiate district so we were really looking forward to spending all our remaining dollars there. unfortunately the clouds rolled in and the skies opened up. the first shot is the only photograph i have of hongdae. :( in the end, instead of staying at hongdae, we headed to myeongdong for a soul-warming bowl of abalone porridge. it was gooood.

wednes/day of discovery

oops. i am late with this little feature that i have going on. somewhere in the world, it is still wednesday right? i guess it's only appropriate that the images i have chosen this week are vignettes from my office. i have been chained to the desk this past week, coming to work at 8am, leaving only at 10pm. oh yes, woe is me. in any case, this week has been a bumper bonanza of amazing links, i have found it really hard to choose my favourites so you are getting a bit more than usual!

before & afters

art studio transformation, i hope to enact such a transformation in my bedroom

salt + coffee watercolour technique, this is so simple i have to try it soon!


freebie blog photo templates & fabric labels, two freebies in one! now we all can have beautifully prepared blog photo posts!

design*sponge newspaper, so much inspiration! i only wish i can have the print edition.


BSS | Breakfast Interrupted from Bruton Stroube Studios on Vimeo.

making coffee via the french press. coffee, monochrome, beautiful visuals. le sigh. via Dear Coffee I Love You, originally from Sprouted Kitchen.


the death and life of a great american bookstore, if you feel tears prickling your eyes, you are not alone.

10 famous street photography quotes you must know, photography inspiration of the highest order.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

one last breakfast in seoul


205°C, our neighbourhood cafe

this is possibly my favourite cafe of the whole lot that i visit. situated in a quiet yet convenient spot (below my hostel), check. run by a husband & wife team addicted to travel and design, check. grinds its own beans, check. have an incredible collection of tea cups, check. simple and clean decor, check. incredible coffee & food, check check check!

Monday, September 12, 2011

i heart namsan.

at the open viewing platform area at namsam, lovers "lock" their love onto the wire barricades. it's amazing to see the amount of locks, some of them are old and grungy, some of them brand new and shiny. there are all sorts of locks too and it was incredibly fun to poke around trying to find the most unique ones. one of the coolest ones was a set of bicycle chains!

i always thought that only namsan tower had this unique feature but it seems like that the River Seine in Paris has lovers "locking" their love on the bridge too! I found out when I saw Rhianne's photos from her recent trip to Paris. Does anyone else know any other locations that features this as well? I would love to know.

and with this post, i finally get to link to Anna'a Much Love Monday post! it's been way too long since i joined in the fun but i haven't had a good photograph in ages! so yes, this makes me really happy this monday!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

the teddy bear museum

the adorable little teddy bear museum in namsan tower. i loved how they used teddy bears to depict the history & traditions of korea, and daily life in each neighbourhood. it's all kinds of cute.

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