Friday, September 16, 2011

from seoul to singapore

as much as i love to travel beyond my shores, i always love flying home and the anticipation of getting that first glimpse of home. and as corny as it sounds, i always play michael buble's home during the aircraft's final descent, that is until the air stewardess asks me to take my earphones!

singapore is really gorgeous in the evening. our skyline and our waters are as distinctive as it gets.

this is the last post from my travels to korea earlier this year. it's been a pretty long ride, and i thank you so very much for staying all the way through with me. all the comments i have received meant so much and i have thoroughly loved sharing one of my favourite countries with you. the next few posts will be from my short trips to bali and bangkok in the last couple of months but i will be keeping them short with the hope that in a couple of weeks, i can begin to share an blog my everyday life.

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