Sunday, September 18, 2011

the loblography singapore challenge

about three weeks ago, i was invited by (the newest kid on the lomography block) lomography singapore to register for the loblography singapore challenge. with nothing to lose and all to gain from three weeks playing with the la sardinia, i threw my name into the ring and waited for the results of the shortlist.

boy, was i surprised when i opened my inbox on friday morning to find out that i had been selected as one of twenty of singapore's coolest bloggers (their words, not mine although i am grateful they think of me as such) to take part in the challenge!

lomography singapore wasted no time starting the challenge this morning when they called all the bloggers for a meet up at the red dot museum to explain the rules of the challenge and to hand over the cameras to us. we drew lots for the cameras and i picked the fischers fritze which included the fritz the blitz flash! i am terribly excited to begin shooting with this camera so for the next three weeks, expect nothing but a constant bombardment of posts about the lomography la sardinia camera!

once again, big thanks to lomography singapore for giving me this opportunity and a shout out to the analog dork whom i met at the meetup!

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