Tuesday, September 20, 2011

encountering the la sardinia, part 1

in the spirit of being more creative and to step out of my comfort zone for the loblography singapore challenge. i decided to make a video of me unboxing and loading in the first roll of film. it was filmed the day that we received our cameras, at one of my favourite cafes and then i edited it that very night!

hope you like it!

update about my progress
right now, i am just getting used to the camera and i have shot about 25 shots of my first roll. i hope to finish it tomorrow since i am attending a conference right next door to the designated film processing shot. my first thoughts about the camera is that i really like the solid built to the camera. none of my other toy cameras feel quite as well-built and as sturdy as the la sardinia. it's also been quite awhile since i played around with toy cameras so i am making all the rookie toy camera mistakes all over again, leaving the camera on in bulb mode, forgetting to adjust the focus ring. i am also getting used to the viewfinder, which is in the shape of submarine, as it is much wider than other viewfinders that i am used to. with such a wide angle, i am finding it difficult to compose shots. i am, however, experimenting a lot with super close-ups and multi-exposures.

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