Wednesday, September 21, 2011

wednes/day of discovery: the la sardina edition

coincidentally, two of my favourite photo-bloggers for the easily distracted and everything reminds me of you own the la sardina as well. and even more fortuitously, they have been posting about their camera and the photos they have been taking so i have had lots of research material to work with. to make the deal just a little sweeter, their photos have been of, arguably, two of the greatest cities in the world, NEW YORK and PARIS!

so go on, check out their gorgeous photos and reviews!

rhianne take a walk along the canal with her sardina, and around paris.

elle delves into the history books about the kandor camera that inspired the la sardina and takes black and white shots of New York City. She also introduces us to milk&miel, another fabulous blogger who owns the la sardina.

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