Saturday, October 30, 2010

my tenth of october

i spent my tenth of october at home with my family, just spending a normal sunday at home, relaxing and pretending work doesn't exists. at 6.10pm singapore time (10.10am gmt), i went outside my house and snapped a couple of shots with my goldenhalf of the house i have lived in for the past 17 years. it seems like a really long time when you write it down but i can still remember the first day we moved in, running around the big empty living room, generally getting into everybody's ways. i built forts with my brother in the bedroom and the garden, played badminton with the gate as a 'net', explored the neighbourhood on my bicycles, studied like crazy in my bedroom, and danced around like a mad thing to music blaring out of the windows.

so when the time came to deciding on a subject for such a significant date, a picture of my house just made the perfect sense. another reason why it's the perfect subject for me?

my house number is 10.

Friday, October 29, 2010

the night, rag day #6

rag day went on into the night with the official arrival of olympic flame in singapore for the youth olympic games. i switched my holga into bulb mode for the fireworks and hoped for the best. and i think they turned out pretty great! this is why i love lomography so much, it's pictures that aren't necessarily perfect that tells the true story.

roll 21, holga 135bc, agfa vista 400

Thursday, October 28, 2010

the elephant and friends, rag day #5

Isn't the elephant beautiful? I absolutely love her to bits! From this angle, you can also see the brilliant methods they used to construct her. Her 'skin' is made of flattened cardboard and her tusks were covered with yakult/vitagen bottles. I love the little bird endornments as well. I believe quite of few them took it home that day.

roll 21, holga 135bc, agfa vista 400

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

other floats, rag day #4

i wish i had the chance to take more pictures of the other floats, some of them were so amazinggg.

roll 20, holga 135bc, fuji reala 100

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

the dancers, rag day #2

at this point of this film, we were busy moving the float from the waiting location out to the football field. once we were out there, we had to wait for our turn to perform in  front of the judges. as we slowly moved towards the staging area, i was busy shooting all our dancers. don't they look fierce?

to be honest, i was quite disappointed with this roll of film. i chose the reala because i thought it would give excellent colours but all i got was rather gloomy colours. it was a rather overcast day but the other rolls all gave better colours in the same weather conditions. the solaris i used in my golden half was set at iso 100 too and it gave really wonderful colours. well i still have one more roll of reala left to experiment, hopefully i can do better because i have seen some spectacular images from this film and i don't want to hate it.

roll 20, holga 135bc, fuji reala 100

to take a leaf out of elle of the wonderful blog diana mini love, i am going to start replying to comments from the previous entry in the following entry. i have been responding to some comments via email but i thought it would be nicer for people to see the replies so that they could respond to it as well. it's always more fun to share than to keep it private, yes? this replies are from my shadow shot post (two down from here)

Richie's 2ts Inspires, Sylvia K, Greyscale Territory, EG Wow, LauraX and chubskulit: thank you so much for liking my shadow. i love it too :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

rag day #1

at my university, there's a yearly tradition called rag day. during the summer holidays, each faculty and school build a float and choreograph a dance performance to complement it. on rag day (usually the week before the first day of school), we unveil our floats and compete against one another based on design, environmental friendliness, engineering and performance. it's the competition of the year. and legend has it that, people used to go around sabotaging each other's floats. thankfully, we are not so mean anymore.

i have been involved in my faculty's efforts ever since i was a freshman and i credit it with giving me a unforgettable university experience. a small group of us give up our summers to design and built the float. everything you see is all done by our own hands. nothing more fancy beyond some basic drills, saws, glue, paint and recyclable material like paper, egg cartons, bottles, cardboard. it's pretty amazing seeing how all this rubbish can be transformed into all this crazy stuff. i never get over how innovative we can get in the face of competition. now that i have graduated, i don't actually help to build the float anymore but i do try to go back on rag day to support my juniors. this time, i brought out my holga and golden half so i do have quite a few rolls to upload. hope you will enjoy this glimpse into singapore college life :)

roll 19, holga 135bc, fuji superia 200

shadow shot sunday: self-shot

a girl and her camera, on the way home, at the end of the day.

on a sidenote, i just wanted to say that i am getting around to updating my tumblr. it's mostly dedicated to my iphone pictures. i have a terrible backlog of iphone pictures and i am just starting to sort through the mess to share them with everyone. i also downloaded the tumblr app for iphone, so maybe that will me more efficient with my uploads. *cross fingers.

roll 19, holga 135bc, fuji superia 200

Shadow Shot Sunday

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


a few months ago, i chanced upon grant hamilton's polaroid gallery. he has, probably, the most colourful polaroids i have ever seen. i was entranced by the colours but also very much taken with the patterns he chose for each shot. from there, i was inspired to begin shooting the textures of my surroundings. at first i had thought to devote a whole roll but i didn't have enough time to finish out the roll before other stuff came along. i hope to add more soon...

roll 19, holga 135bc, fuji superia 200
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