Saturday, October 30, 2010

my tenth of october

i spent my tenth of october at home with my family, just spending a normal sunday at home, relaxing and pretending work doesn't exists. at 6.10pm singapore time (10.10am gmt), i went outside my house and snapped a couple of shots with my goldenhalf of the house i have lived in for the past 17 years. it seems like a really long time when you write it down but i can still remember the first day we moved in, running around the big empty living room, generally getting into everybody's ways. i built forts with my brother in the bedroom and the garden, played badminton with the gate as a 'net', explored the neighbourhood on my bicycles, studied like crazy in my bedroom, and danced around like a mad thing to music blaring out of the windows.

so when the time came to deciding on a subject for such a significant date, a picture of my house just made the perfect sense. another reason why it's the perfect subject for me?

my house number is 10.

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