Saturday, October 23, 2010

rag day #1

at my university, there's a yearly tradition called rag day. during the summer holidays, each faculty and school build a float and choreograph a dance performance to complement it. on rag day (usually the week before the first day of school), we unveil our floats and compete against one another based on design, environmental friendliness, engineering and performance. it's the competition of the year. and legend has it that, people used to go around sabotaging each other's floats. thankfully, we are not so mean anymore.

i have been involved in my faculty's efforts ever since i was a freshman and i credit it with giving me a unforgettable university experience. a small group of us give up our summers to design and built the float. everything you see is all done by our own hands. nothing more fancy beyond some basic drills, saws, glue, paint and recyclable material like paper, egg cartons, bottles, cardboard. it's pretty amazing seeing how all this rubbish can be transformed into all this crazy stuff. i never get over how innovative we can get in the face of competition. now that i have graduated, i don't actually help to build the float anymore but i do try to go back on rag day to support my juniors. this time, i brought out my holga and golden half so i do have quite a few rolls to upload. hope you will enjoy this glimpse into singapore college life :)

roll 19, holga 135bc, fuji superia 200

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