Wednesday, November 24, 2010

my neighbourhood #4

the last selection of images from this roll of film. this is my first time using a black&white roll of film, i enjoyed experimenting with it in all sorts of light. i shot in normal light, sunny days, the golden hour, just before dusk, and the lucky 100 has performed phenomenally in all conditions. in bright sunlight, the image seems to 'glow' slightly (eg. the left image of the second picture), which is an effect that reminds me of solaris film. and as you all know, i adore my solaris. even when an area isn't very well-lit or with fading light, the film still managed to capture the image (eg. the swings, the bicycle and this pictures). it provides a lot of grey tones as well, giving the images a softer and old-time look. it's also fairly grainy, which i personally don't mind, i think it adds to the old-fashion feel.

roll 4, golden half, lucky 100

p/s: i am wearing my new jumpsuit today and i feel so glam! 


lauren carney - thank you so much! i hope you will come back and visit.

ida - hi ida! yep, i know you have one! i read through loads of your blog's archives and i saw it. oops! this is just showing how much of a blog stalker i am! hee! but you have to use your golden half more often, i love your pictures!

chubskulit - thank you for following, you guys mean the world to me!

rhianne - you better get one soon! but i am curious, does england have the same drinks like in singapore? i know the us have more options. i wish i could drink those lattes in cold cold weather, it would feel so much more christmassy.

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  1. the 'third photo' you asked about was actually fireworks. the photos i took of fireworks came out surprisingly well actually.
    and i love the look of these photos. :)
    PS. I tried clicking on your link to twitter on the right hand side, but it wasn't working! (i just thought i'd let you know)


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