Tuesday, November 22, 2011

scenes of bangkok, part 7 & hi y'all, i am back!

hello loves! i am back on the sunny island of singapore (and have been for five days). it's been a torture getting back to my normal life rhythm. how i wish i could stroll the streets of sydney and melbourne forever, with my greatest worry being whether can i get myself to the next great coffee shop before closing time!

i have sent my films to be processed and scanned, and received them back yesterday. if you follow my twitter, you should know that i was pretty bummed out that two rolls of films did not turn out. don't worry though, i bounced back when i saw what the other rolls i had in store for me. i have so many images that i want to share once i finish sorting through the negatives and uploading them up to flickr. you should know by now that i am not the most efficient person in the world so it's going to be a wee little while before i get to sharing them.

i hope you have been enjoying the photographs i have been posting up of my trip to bangkok. if you do, that's great, because there's plenty more to come. i just planned another 4 more posts to finishing up this series before moving on to australia! i love this set that i posted a lot because it makes me craves for tomyum soup. i maintain that tomyum soup in any other country besides thailand will never taste as good as the ones in thailand! i have to have at least bowl of that amazing soup whenever i visit, whether be it by the roadside, at a little store or at restaurant. anyone of them beats the ones in singapore hollow. i can already feel my tastebuds curling their toes in anticipation of a mouthful of that soup. well, sorry buddies, i have to be disappoint you there.

x | till the next post, mich.

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