Wednesday, August 24, 2011

wednes/day of discovery

these two pictures belong to my first few rolls of film but i never realised how compatible they are as a diptych. i really like them as a set. anyway, lots of cool discoveries this week!

wedding & engagement photoshoots that had me at hello

damn, these kids are cool, this is the most creative and laugh-out-loud engagement shoot i have ever seen serious!

debi and joel's engagement shoot, an engagement shoot in disneyland, oh yes please!

sylvia + rob, can this wedding be anymore picturesque?

super cool stuff

wall display, highly inspired to do something like that in my bedroom. i am the type that gets bored of my displays fast and always want to change things up so this is perfect!

maddie's 4th arty birthday party, even though i am in my twenties, i want my next birthday party to be like this!

art of the menu, the menu of a restaurant/cafe tells us many things about the establishment, not to mention some of them have awesome designs.(via NOTED)

don't forget to share your discoveries too, i want to know! so if you have a post where you link up super cool stuff, tell me!

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