Wednesday, August 31, 2011

wednes/day of discovery

it's been an absolutely crazy work week so far in green tea fields land, i feel like i have been working for 2 weeks rather than just 2 days (and yesterday was a public holiday). thankfully, it gets a little easier from this point onwards because i have friday off. hooray!

blogs to bookmark

making it, the blog of jen and omar of the shop these are things, they are one cartographically creative couple. (couldn't resist all that alliteration).

kendi everyday, you probably already bookmarked this site like the 9000 people in front of me but i just had to include it. i just adore her writing style, it's snarky but yet so engaging.

oh so beautiful paper, i will never ever get tired of paper. never!

images to inspire

i art you's august break day 18, where is this ride because i need to get on it right now!

lady bonin's tea parlour, ditto above. where is this van because i need some tea now!

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