Friday, July 29, 2011

what's in my bag, 28 july

my iphone recently went on the fritz, and i was forced to switch off my wifi + 3g functions just to prolong battery life for calling and texting. while i missed being able to read with the news apps and tweet all the thoughts that run through my head, it was the various camera apps that really had me going through iphone withdrawal symptoms.

finally, on monday, i decided enough was enough. i went to a small repair shop where within 20 minutes, my phone was given a new lease of life and i have been on snapping spree since. the app i have been playing around with most is leme-leme camera app, it seems to me like a free version of hipstamatic (by the way, should i buy it?).

so last night, i snapped the contents of my bag and am now the latest in a long to share what's in my bag!

1. brown bucket bag
2. green leather wallet
3. eclipse mints
4. my trusty 3-year-old ipod
5. pens
6. cleanse your soul roll-on in iced peach tea
7. tissues
8. handcream
9. my 2011 moleskine
10. newater bottle (the water is recycled from waste!)

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