Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New feature, Inspiring Singapore

Lately, i have been coming across many many inspiring made-in-singapore blogs, designs, photographers, places, music, events and art and with singapore's national day coming up on 9 august, this is the perfect time to begin a new feature inspiring singapore on my blog. Simply put, this is my scrapbook of inspiration from singapore and my own little way to show my love for my country.
I have humongous list of things to feature but today, i am going to start with Black Forest, a local band whose song covers have been on constant repeat on my ipod these few days

Aren't they pretty awesome? All these songs have been on constant repeat on my ipod and playing in my head as i work. Perhaps you are thinking how on earth did i download these songs, isn't that not supporting the band by not buying their EP? Well, that's because Black Forest makes their mash ups and original songs available for free downloads on their website and you can choose to make a voluntary monetary contribution. After downloading, I made a small contribution, hoping that one day their musical dreams will come true. Till then, I am excited to watch them live when they perform at Crazyworld Cafe on 31 july, click here for more info.
black forest 黑森林
website | facebook

(do you like this new feature? if you know any other inspiring singapore types, pass them my way anytime!)

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