Friday, April 15, 2011

holga-versary, sharing is caring

this blog post marks the last of my holga-versary week posts and i hope that you have enjoyed it! this may be the last post but that does not mean that we have to stop the celebration of the holga. to this end, i have compiled a list of links of websites, blogs and flickr groups dedicated to sharing the awesomeness of the holga.

blogs and websites

hello holga a project blog started by amanda of here comes the sun and dane of tornadoes and tigers

go holga probably one of the most holga websites around!

holga direct a one-stop holga community-based website with a shop, interviews with master holga photographers, tips, tricks, giveaways.

life through a plastic lens another excellent website for the beginner photographer, explains film types, basics and troubleshooting

holga blog a film photography magazine with regular features of holga photographers

rhianne's holga week celebrated her holga last year as well.

flickr pools


holga 35mm

the holga pool the flickr pool for hello holga blog

holga xpro all cross processed photos taken with a holga camera

for those who have a holga, i hope you continue enjoying and discovering with your camera and for those who haven't got one, i urge you to seriously consider buying one! :)

now, i am going to go pack my bags for korea. i am leaving tomorrow morning and you can bet that when i board the plan tomorrow, my holga will be slung around my neck ready to snap snap snap!

peace out! (by the way, anyone wants to make a guess how many rolls of film i will come home with in two weeks? hee!)

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