Friday, April 15, 2011

holga-versary day #5


in university, i did one class on singapore architecture and from there i learned lots of interesting facts about singapore's architectural landscape. it's fascinating that such a small island has so many historical buildings like the cathedral of the good shepherd (first photo on the right) which was built in 1832. i also always thought that singapore's public housing (or flats) were rather cookie cutter but i learned that there are actual many different architectural styles according to different periods. i was and remain fascinated by architecture. i love to find out the history of the building and poke around in different niches and nooks in the building. and it goes without saying that i love to point my holga at them!


  1. I always take photos of architecture too :) I took loads in Krakow and Liverpool lol. Beautiful photos!

  2. I saw some of these building when I visit Singapore :) Great photos!


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