Sunday, April 17, 2011

while i am birthday weekend

i can't remember if i mentioned this on the blog but my cousin gave me his old canon eos 88, a fully automatic film slr camera. unfortunately he did not give me a manual so it's been a rollercoaster ride trying to figure out how to work the functions of the camera. i have been reading up other canon eos camera manuals which is useful but because they are all for digital cameras, not everything is the same. still, they are very informative about the basic functions of the eos product line.

i took out the camera for its first whirl during my birthday weekend in march. i am really happy with the results. with the camera in programme mode, i could take pictures at night even without the flash. the first three are flash shots, the fourth was without flash and the last two was taken indoors in cafe.

i will be sharing more shots from my first few rolls from this camera in the next few posts. i really love the results so far.

canon eos 88, fuji superia 200


  1. oh i really love these pictures, there's such warmth in them. it looks like such a lovely time you had :)

  2. oh I love these. I still haven't been brave enough to really use my Dad's OM-10 so I'm feeling quite inspired

  3. yes, i did have a lovely. my friends actually sent a decoy to lure me to the restaurant without me knowing all of them were there!

  4. TAKE THE CAMERA OUT! i was scared at first to use an slr but i just kind of learn as i go. it's been really great! even though there's controls, that feeling of surprise is still there because i just don't know how it will turn out still!


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