Monday, April 11, 2011

holga-versary day #1


welcome to holga week! it's been one year since i bought my holga and it's been such a fun ride! i am so excited to celebrate my holga-versary with you. for the first post, i thought there's no better way to kick off this week sharing with you my favourite shots from my first row of film or technically the first row that i managed to develop! my real first row of film was a dud. you can imagine how excited i was when i finally finally managed to successfully develop out some images!

How was your first shots? If you do share your shots, send me your blogs links and I will link them up. You never forget your first roll!


  1. A holga is in my lomo wishlist :) You're first shots are great.
    I also just got my first shots back but for the Diana Mini! I love them all!

  2. oh i saw your diana mini pictures, they were gorgeous! i can't wait for you to get the holga and have fun with it!


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