Friday, April 8, 2011

[cambodia 2010] the russian market

cambodia travel diary day five

our fifth and last day in cambodia was a lazy lazy day. i spent the morning reading by the pool, hoping to acquire some sort of tan. (i am suddenly struck by the thought of why didn't i bring down at least one camera to the poolside!) in the afternoon, we hit the russian market for some last minute souvenir shopping. the russian market had loads of souvenirs but it really was rather small (compared to thailand's chatuchak). you could easily cover that place in two hours. after a quick dinner in the hotel, we headed to the airport for our night flight.

it was an amazing trip and i look forward to going back with my friends, spending more time among the ruins, breathing in the history. this also finally concludes my cambodia travel diary. it has only taken me like four months to post up everything. why yes, procrastination is my middle name! :)

oh and if you haven't heard, i will be going back to korea next week! i am so excited, i have been planning and planning for this trip to happen and it's so so close. i can't wait. if you want to read more about this, visit my project blog for this trip our april adventure! i am co-writing it with my trip buddies and we have been posting our planning sessions and pre-trip preparations!

fisheye 2, kodak color plus 200


  1. omg, did you change your blog name?! wasn't it wallflowersforjane?! i was wondering why i wasn't getting any of your amazing pictures on my dashboard!!! ah i'm go glad i found it hahaha :D

  2. oops yup i did. i didn't feel that the previous one represented to me. remember to change your links :)


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