Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Link-Ups, 03 April 2013

A few snaps from Drips Bakery Cafe (Tiong Bahru).


x I stumbled upon Industry of One recently, a periodical on the wears of work. Contrasting feelings of hate (the good kind), jealousy (the good kind) and admiration (the best kind) will course through you as you read about the featured individuals.

x There is also Creative People Projects, a portrait project by Rebecca Toh (Casual Poet Culture), documenting the lives, projects and spaces of Singaporean and Taiwanese creatives.

x I have been following Jason Hudson's instagram for a while now. I vaguely noticed last year that he had started travelling in Australia and New Zealand but I only realised yesterday he and his partner Jeff are on a year-long Eat Gay Love adventure. How adorable is that name! I am really enjoying his instagrams of Bali (his current location), enhanced by my quick trip there over the weekend.

x It may be perpetually summer in Singapore but I noticed that nature doesn't really bother with technicalities like that. Flame of the Forest trees have been madly blooming all over the island, showering us in reds & yellows. The Sounds of Spring playlist from the always-inspiring Kinfolk team makes the hot days seem a little more spring-like.


  1. I like the spots of colour in each photograph. Also, having travelled alone for some meals recently, I keenly feel the need for enjoying food with friends :(

    1. I skimmed through your facebook album of London. So much food and so little stomach space, I felt your distress. I am planning a solo trip myself and I may need to start clearing some space.


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