Monday, April 8, 2013

Chinese New Year, Perth 2013

Perth Journal, Day 03
Although we were far away from home, traditions die hard. Chinese New Year must be celebrated! We drove from Fremantle to Northbridge where Perth's Chinatown is located for the Chinese New Year Festival. The Chung Hwa Association had organised a street festival full of food, games and traditional Chinese performances for everyone to share in on the festivities. Before hitting up the festival, we stopped for a dim sum lunch at Northbridge Chinese Restaurant. The minute we stepped into the doors, I felt like I was in Hong Kong instead of Perth. And yes, the dim sum is authentic!

My mum used to make lanterns like these too! In fact, we even learned how to make them as part of our primary school art classes. They are basically made up of ang paos (red packets), folded and stapled or glued together. 

We found a traditional calligrapher who would write any character you wanted him too. Mostly he was writing out the traditional character for luck (福) for everyone. I requested for him to write out my chinese name. That's him writing it out in the above photograph.

We also met an enterprising young couple who were asking for donations for their upcoming wedding. In the spirit of the new year, my brother gave them a couple of bucks. We wish you the best in your marriage, Silver Couple!

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