Saturday, March 30, 2013

Around Fremantle 03, Perth 2013

Perth Journal, Day 02 (cont)

We traipsed across Bathers Beach, in the hopes of losing some calories after our fried fish lunch. While Singapore is an island with quite a few beaches, the shore isn't as pretty as Fremantle's. Such a treat to walk on the lovely (scorching) white sand.

We stopped at the Round House, built in 1830, this is the oldest building in Western Australia. I peeped in a little and it seems to be based on the panopticon concept. It's also a great spot to look over the city. I really like how low the city's skyline is, subtle and unassuming.

I am so glad that our apartment in Fremantle was the only place that responded positively when we were searching for places to stay in Perth. Fremantle is the perfect place for a holiday. It's dynamic, atmospheric but yet manages to remain laid-back. Our landlady remarked at the end of the trip, that we all seems so much more relaxed after the holiday. I wonder how stressed we looked upon arrival. -__-

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