Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Last year, I was fairly ambitious in my 2012 resolutions. I was really detailed in listing down things I wanted to do. It wasn't a failure but it wasn't a resounding success either. When I sat down over the weekend to put pen to paper, it felt right to be more abstract this year. They are still rather ambitious but what are resolutions if not ambitions.

1. Reach next savings target.
2. Improve my mandarin. Read more, listen more.
3. Simplify my room.
4. Write more often. On this blog, in my diary, little notes here and there.
5. Lose 10 kg. Related to this, run at least one 5km, start swimming again.

Last year, I  did a series of recap posts on my blog to document 2011. I intend to do this again to document my 2012. Even though last year felt a little lacklustre, I am sure they were moments that I need to note down for the future to be appreciative of.

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