Saturday, January 12, 2013

2012 Cameras & Films Round-Up

If you would like to see my 2011 Round-Up, click here.

Total No. of Films Used
+ 33 (0.63 roll per week)

Wow, drastic decrease from last year's usage. I am not surprised though. I travelled lesser this year and in the later half of the year, I barely touched my cameras.

Most Used Cameras
1. Canon EOS 88 - 21
2. LC-A+ - 9

Top 3 Negative Films Used
1. Solaris 100 - 6
2. Solaris 400 - 4
3. Solaris 800 - 2

Top 3 Slides Film Used
1. Lomography Chrome 100/Kodak Elitechrome - 5
2. Lomography X Tungsten/Fuji 64T - 3
3. Kodak E100G - 2

New Films Tried
1. Lomography Sunset Strip 100
2. Lomography X Tungsten/Fuji 64T
3. Lucky 200

New Cameras & Accessories
+ La Sardina (Seoul Edition) - A Prize!
+ Fisheye 2 Python
+ Lomo LC-A+ Splitzer
+ Fisheye Submarine
+ Colorsplash Flash

I made two orders on the Lomography website this year. I wasn't particularly lusting after any camera but I needed to buy a new Fisheye 2 to replace my original which had a scratch on the lens. I coupled the Fisheye with the Submarine because I might be going Bali (fingers crossed) in a few months and I really want to take some underwater pictures.

My film usage dwindled this year but I am happy to note that I am still experimenting and discovering new films. I will definitely be adding more Tungsten and the Lucky 200 into rotation. I still have yet to try out the Lomography Lady Grey and Earl Grey black and white films even though I have them. A friend also helped me buy some Fujicolor 100 when he was in Japan last year, I am looking forward to testing that out in the weeks ahead!

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