Saturday, January 5, 2013

One Day, Taipei 2012

Here are some photographs I took as I walked around Taipei by myself. Being able to travel alone for that one day counted as one of my achievements for 2012. My other great achievement of 2012 was successfully running a 5k.

When I look back, I will remember this year when I let myself upset my work-life balance. I was spending too much time at work, being affected by it even when I was outside of the office, secluding myself at home, not taking enough days off to rejuvenate. I was working hard but not playing hard enough. Sure, I received a nice bonus for all my hard work but inside it doesn't feel enough. I have never felt so mentally disturbed or unbalanced (not in the crazy sense) before.

Therefore, for 2013, I am setting out to FIND. I would like to:

FIND myself
FIND inner peace
FIND time
FIND what i like to do

It seems like a pretty tall order but right now I just want to take that step forward and see where it leads.

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