Friday, August 10, 2012

It's A Photoswap 2012

It's time once again for IT'S A PHOTOSWAP! Organised by the lovely Rhianne, I joined for the first time last year. It's really easy, all you have to do is, shoot a roll of film and send it across the land and the oceans to your photoswap partner to be developed. And then you wait for another little roll to arrive in your mailbox and you develop that! Such a simple concept but so much returns from it.

Last year, I was paired with Bianca from Tasmania. In the process, I made a new friend and had my first glimpse of a country I have never been. If you want to see the photos that I took on Bianca's blog, go here! I was so pleased at how they turned out! Here are some of the pictures from the roll of Diana Mini photographs that Bianca sent me, I couldn't remember if I have ever posted it so here they are!

Looking back at this photographs from Tasmania, I am really excited for this upcoming edition and to find out who I will be paired with! I signed up for the international swap so I am looking forward to photographs of an unfamiliar land and to introduce a new friend to my country.

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