Sunday, August 12, 2012

The August Break 2012

I have been thinking for the past week about joining the August Break. I balked at it because I wondered if I could commit to posting everyday, I wondered if I would have the energy to do so after a long day of work. Then I realised all this were excuses that I have been using to not blog more regularly. I was letting myself be consumed by my day job to the point that it was taking over the time that I spent out of the office. Besides blogging, it also affected my relationships. Whenever a friend asked me out in the past couple of weeks, my answers were invariably a "no" because I wanted to stay home to rest. I missed out on quite a few things before I came to my senses yesterday.
When I said "no" and stayed at home, I was resting but not really resting. My brain was constantly running through my to-do list, worrying about each item. I wasn't recharging, I was just draining my batteries more and blocking myself from being in tip-top conditions when at work. I need to learn to compartmentalise, to allow myself the mental space to do other things, to give myself the mental freedom to recharge.
This brings me back to the August Break. To me, this represents an opportunity to train my brain to mentally compartmentalise. I couldn't hide behind excuses to not blog anymore because I had no time. I had the time but I wasn't using it well. I have to learn to lock my worrying away and not allow it to consume me.
And yes, I have begun going out again. I had a wonderful day today with my friends, Lots of laughter and lots of coffee. I can't wait to do it again next week!
I am also looking forward to uploading photographs from my laptop files that I have yet to put up and digging into my Flickr archives to find the photos that I have yet to share on the blog for the rest of the month. So August Break, here I come!

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