Tuesday, May 29, 2012

LC-A+ Multi-Exposures

I am not a very adventurous lomographer but with the LC-A+, I consciously tried to shoot multi-exposures because I know this camera can do it really well. All these are little shots of my daily life.

My brother, the Plantman!

Walking home at night. The first layer of apartment lights was a experiment in how the LC-A+ would function at night. It exceeded my expectations!

First layer was a scene where a scandal for my local Member of Parliament (an American equivalent would be a Congress Representative) broke out and people converged at the Meet The People session. The guy in the centre is my Dad who dragged me along to witness the scene. Second layer was sunset on my street.

First layer was Tara McPherson's talk at Darkroom Army, layered on with Green Man Walking.

Simple textures with the sky and my front gate.

My personal favourite. A spring onion must have dropped out of someone's marketing bag so I grabbed a shot of it and superimposed it with the sky.I title this  Onion in the Sky. :)

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