Sunday, April 8, 2012

St Kilda Galleon Cafe

We took the tram to St Kilda's on a sunny Saturday morning. We had decided beforehand to have our brunch in St Kilda and Mr Google immediately suggested that we eat at the St Kilda Galleon Cafe. The website for the cafe is pretty stylish and I imagined the place would be all woody and sophisticated. I was totally wrong, and in a good way.

The Galleon cafe is a neighbourhood institution, it's been there since the 80s, and the cafe shows its age and kitsch in the best way possible. There were neighbourhood grandpas, baby boomers, yuppies, hipsters and tourists. All mixed up in a bundle of noise, energy and good food!

You can't reserve a table beforehand, you have to put your name on the list and wait by the sidewalk, ogling the food on the sidewalk tables while hoping a table becomes free  before you starve to death. (Sidenote: I consider myself a dog person but this breed of dog freaks me out!)

We got window counter seats to watch the world go by. We ordered our coffees first, and then I got a Truffled Eggs while TK got a Super Sailor. Both of us try to order as much eggs in our food as much as possible because eggs (and milk) taste so much better in Australia!

As we got rung up, I noticed the vintage coffee magnets, they are awesome. If you are ever in St Kilda, please do not pass up the chance to eat at Galleon Cafe, it's the whole experience, and the food is really good too, as the full house crowd will attest.

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