Thursday, March 29, 2012

Queen Victoria Market & A Picnic

After a delicious cup of coffee, we headed for the Queen Victoria Market. Markets like the Queen Vic is becoming less common in Singapore, with supermarkets taking their place, and I do wish it wasn't so. Being able to see the long rows of fresh fruits and produce in natural light rather than sterile indoor lights makes food seem so much more delicious and wholesome. I feel like I could be a good cook if I wanted to, with all these wonderful ingredients.

We left the market with a plastic bag full of cherries and strawberries, and made our way to the nearby Flagstaff Gardens for an impromptu afternoon picnic.

It was one of the most peaceful afternoons in recent memory. Basking in the sunshine and the cool winds, munching on sweet juicy berries, watching other park-goers read, walk, play with their dogs. The very essence of a holiday.

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