Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Links

2 Reads that had me engrossed
1. Work-Life Balance from Braid
2. Productivity, Baby from Twelve by One

4 Black & White Photographs that had me enthralled
1. Monochromatic gorgeousness from the sweet light
2. The Dublin Botanic Gardens from City of Blackbirds
3. Black & White Landscapes by Christian Villacillo, discovered via The Fox is Black
4. Fashion Snaps from Shine by Three

5 Blogs that I added to my Google Reader
1. Still Hearty, discovered via Twelve by One
2. Sannah, discovered via Twelve by One
3. Cabin Porn, I want to escape to any one of these little spaces
4. Nubby Twiglet, I used to bookmark her blog the old-fashioned way but after I switched to a Macbook, I somehow forgot about it. Not sure how that happened.
5. The Fox is Black, check out their Desktop Wallpaper Project to refresh your screens.

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