Sunday, April 8, 2012

Luna Park, St Kilda

Luna Park is no Disneyland but it has this lovely old timey-wimey atmosphere with the creaky rides, cheesy colours and the Mr Moon entrance. I am really not kidding about the creaky rides. For example, the Scenic Railway roller coaster. It was built in 1912 and is the oldest continually-operating coaster in the world. It's operated manually where a ride attendant has to help push off the cars and a brakeman who operates the brake while standing throughout the ride (one of only 8 coasters in the world that still does this)!

We took two other rides, the G-Force and the Enterprise (pictured in the last two photographs). These rides go 360 degrees but they have no seatbelts! It's perfectly safe but when you get on and realised there's nothing holding you in place, you do shit yourself a little. We were shrieking and gripping the handles for dear life! But nothing like a little adrenaline rush to get you through the day, ehh?

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