Thursday, February 2, 2012

(A Late) Wednes/day of discovery

All of us have different approaches to reading our blog statistics. I must admit I check mine daily, it's become a habit where I instinctively hover over the tab and scan the day's activity on the blog. My favourite part of statistics is finding out who linked to my blog because I have discovered so many new blogs this way. This week was a particular gold mine!

It started with contes d'estels i lluernes. Thank you to Paula for putting me on her Inspiration sidebar. I hopped over to her blog, swooned over her photographs and then began clicking randomly on the inspiration links. The first set of links I clicked on uncovered a trove of beautiful film photography blogs that I went back and began systematically going through all the links. These are some of my new favourites.

Aprons and Birds
Bawk Bawk Bawk
Daniella Marie
Little Postcards
Maps + Fragments
Souris Souris
The Sweet Light

Do you have any new favourites?

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