Friday, February 3, 2012

Cafe Ish, Surry Hills

Our fourth morning in Sydney, we decided to walk from Railway Square to Surry Hills for breakfast at Cafe Ish. After being driven around for the last couple of days by my friend, L, navigating the city for the first time by ourselves was a little nerve-wrecking. We needn't have worried, Sydney's roads are laid out really well and so easy to navigate with the excellent map provided by our YHA. Surry Hills may have looked quite a distance on the map but it took us only 15 minutes to walk over.

Cafe Ish sits on a quiet street corner between Campbell and Foster Street. They have a couple of street-side tables which were occupied so we sat inside instead. We were really excited about Cafe Ish because it serves a fusion menu of Australian-Japanese dishes which is a combination I have yet to try. I love that the owners tried to fuse both Australian and Japanese decorating elements as well. The sakura mural was such an unexpected touch!

Breakfast menus shouldn't be known for being able to showcase Australian-Japanese fusion cooking but Cafe Ish really put in the effort to do so, ingredients ranged from umeshu stewed fruit, stewed azuki beans, aburi salmon, potato mochi, croc sausage, rosella jam and Kangaroo Island eggs. And I just found out from their website that all of their bread are homemade, which now explains why it was so good! I had a latte and a Little Ish, which is not very little at all. We were stuffed full, and oh so happy.

Oh, and a little sidenote for travellers, Cafe Ish is located in a free wifi hotspot area. :)

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