Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Recap

At first, I thought I would do away with a personal recap for this year because I have yet to finish uploading all my photos from 2011 onto flickr. But then I realised what a dolt I was when I discovered I could have, y'know, just written them out like Diana! So here goes the recap.

+ Rang in 2011 at the Marina Bay Countdown Party. The highlight was listening to David Tao live.
+ Attended Super Junior's Super Show 3 concert with my friends. (Yep, I have Kpop addiction.)

+ Started Korean 2 lessons.
+ Won some rare slide films and a small sponsor spot at Mystery Moor.

+ Offered a new position at work and it has been a fascinating and challenging year. I believe this is a right step for my career.

+ Organised Holga-versary to celebrate one year of owning a Holga.
+ Travelled to Seoul where I finally experienced spring weather and cherry blossoms.
+ Launched Coffee Table People with my best friend.

+ Rebranded the blog as Green Tea Fields. I was inspired by one of my favourite images of the tea fields in Jeju.
+ Reconnected with friends from my childhood.
+ Travelled to Bali for a wedding. I also wrote an article for Lomography about my trip.

+ Piggybacked on my Dad's work trip to Bangkok.
+ Featured as a Top Blogger Who Used Analogue Cameras by Rhianne.
+ Featured on Puglypixel's Links Loved.

+ Started a new feature, Inspiring Singapore. I intend to work harder at it this next year and already have a new post lined up to start 2012 on the right foot!

+ Was featured on Seventythree's August Links.
+ Watched Jump.

+ Selected as a Loblography Singapore challenger. I blogged a series of posts about my encounters with the La Sardina.

+ Attended the Vienna Boys' Choir concert at The Esplanade.
+ Bought an LC-A+!

+ Had one of the most challenging assignment at work but I prevailed.
+ Travelled to Sydney and Melbourne!

+ Attended the Girls' Generation concert in Singapore with my little cousins.
+ Got infected with chicken pox. :(
+ Re-designed my blog.
+ Was selected as a runner up in the Seoul Kitchen Rumble!
+ Was selected as Lomohome of The Day on Lomography Singapore!

Seeing everything noted down in one place has made me more appreciative and grateful of all the blessings that I have received this year. I am now very much looking forward to what 2012 has in store for me. I will see you all next year (or tomorrow).

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