Wednesday, March 9, 2011

[cambodia 2010] that ray of sunlight

i like to chase the light. sometimes the picture in my head doesn't look like what i imagine. but sometimes likes these three, they do and i love them.

golden half, solaris 400


  1. I just saw your post in for the easily distracted :)
    and I, like you have more photography apps than anything else. Photography is such a wonderful creative outlet isn't it? and I am so happy that I can carry a camera when out and about with the iphone.

  2. What sort of camera do you use? I love film. We have a diana mini, holga 135bc, fuji instax 210 & instax mini. We also just got a supersampler but haven't put any film in it yet and have a lomo lc-a ordered.

    Also heaps of people from our church went to cambodia last year and we keep sending teams so it is only a matter of time before we head over that way.

  3. i am using the golden half, you can check out my labels on the sidebar for all the cameras i use and the different kind of photographs produced.

    wow, you and amanda are really expanding your camera collection quickly! you should do a post soon of the whole family!

    hope you get to enjoy the magic of cambodia soon. it's such a lovely place.

  4. hi katyha, photography apps are such an addiction! i keep scrolling the app store for more new stuff! i am thinking of getting the hipstamatic soon, have you tried it?


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