Tuesday, March 8, 2011

[cambodia 2010] angkor thom

cambodia travel diary day 2
picking up from where i left off, we made our way from banteay srei to angkor thom. in khmer, angkor thom means great city and literally it really was a great city. it was at least 9 square kilometres in size and contained monuments such as the bayon and ta promh (more to come about these two places.)

we entered angkor thom via the victory gate (last picture). leading up to the victory gate, the bridge was spanned on one side by 25 angels holding a naga (snake) and on the other side by 25 devils also holding a naga in a cosmic tug of war.

golden half, solaris 400
fisheye 2, lomography redscale xr

thank you greg and katie for the birthday wishes!

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