Friday, March 11, 2011

photobooth friday

so i was sitting in the dining room (for a change of speed), working on my korean homework when i realised i had the perfect white wall behind me to fool around with photobooth for a study break. also, i really really want to join in photobooth friday that was started by amanda of here comes the sun two weeks ago. i tried to take some last week but the view of my closet was kind of gross so i decided against uploading those shots.

01. me grinning inanely. my short hair, which has grown quite a bit. no makeup, and in one of my many university teeshirts.

02. my new mustard colour nails! it's from opi and called "the 'it' colour". i couldn't agree more!

03. my korean notes and my homework assignment. gahh.

that was a fun fifteen minutes break! :) back to work, but, oh if you have another fifteen minutes, i am guest-posting on the lovely rhianne's blog today! it's my first guest-post ever!


  1. You're very lucky to be learning Korean. I wish I was bilingual. Currently I am attempting to learn Maori. But I struggle.

    By the way good job on joining in with photobooth friday. I told Amanda and she was stocked someone joined in.

  2. hi! learning korean is a hobby, i do it with a couple other friends and it's great fun doing it together. good luck with the maori!

    photobooth friday is fun! i am going to do it again this week! :)


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