Thursday, February 3, 2011

the year of the rabbit

hello everybody,

today is the first day of lunar new year! i am going to take the opportunity to wish everyone a happy chinese new year and for the year of the rabbit to be a fabulous one for everybody.

the rabbit year is MY year! yes, i am turning 24 in a couple of months! on the one hand, it's a little scary getting older and having to step to adulthood challenges but on the other hand, i know that this new lunar cycle will be the most crazy and amazing one yet.

the weekend is going to be crazy packed.  my relatives are coming round to my house today for a whole day of diy popiah (spring rolls), mahjong, cards, clustering around the computers and television, and other assorted sins (gluttony + gambling)! we will probably be going to visit a couple of people tomorrow, then in the evening, a friend's place because she's leaving for australia two days later. and then on the third day, an all out party at another friend's place. so yes, exciting excitings!

(i am still not sure which camera to tote around because we will be indoors alot so i will probably need a flash but yet i will also be out and about sometimes. maybe i will just bring out all three! lol!)

this post have gone on long enough, i need to go back and eat my share of pineapple tarts before my brother and boy cousins pour them down their throat. i will try to upload some digitals tonight to share the celebrations! :)

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