Monday, January 31, 2011

[cambodia 2010] a glimpse of angkor

cambodia travel diary day 2

easily the most exciting day of the trip, we travelled around the angkor region for the whole day, spending 2-3 hours at each temple. we explored angkor wat, angkor thom, the bayon, bantey srei, ta promh and pre rup. honestly, one day wasn't enough for me. i could happily spend more than a week in angkor, exploring the many many temples.

angkor wat was the first stop of the day. our guide brought us to a spot where you could glimpse the five 'towers' of angkor wat in the distance. as you go nearer, because of distance perspective, only three 'towers' are ever in view (like in the fourth picture).

so begins my visit of the world's largest religious building.

travel tip

for the ladies, please make sure to wear bottoms that will cover your knees otherwise you will not be allowed to ascend to the highest level of angkor wat. i had actually planned to wear shorts but my guide said it wasn't appropriate. i wore leggings in the end, which was all good, because it turned out to be an unusually chilly day.

holga 135bc, agfa ct precisa

golden half, solaris 100


  1. I'm so jealous of your world adventures! ♥♥ These pictures are so pretty as always!!


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