Thursday, December 2, 2010

oh fisheye, you so fly

i swear i really wasn't planning on buying another camera so soon after the instax mini. i had earlier earmarked the fisheye for a possible purchase next year but suddenly lomography started giving out piggy points, and then a 10% discount, and then more piggy points. in a flash, i managed to gather enough piggies and discounts to minus off 40 usd from the total amount. it was too good to be true and before i knew it, i had clicked pay and a fisheye 2 was hurtling from hong kong towards me! i completed my order on monday and the fisheye 2 was sitting happily on my desk on wednesday. two pats on lomography's back for the incredibly quick shipping!

i snapped my unboxing process.

as part of lomography's retail therapy promo, they also threw in a klick max 200 (expired) film for every order. Overall, pretty sweet deal. Here's hoping that there will be a sunny day this week for me to run a quick test roll through it!

oh and tonight, i discovered two wonderful blogs, here comes the sun and andrew+carissa. they give me hope.

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