Thursday, December 9, 2010

the first week of december

hello everybody, i hope you have been keeping well this first week into december. it's been raining almost everyday in singapore. difficult to play around with cameras but fantastic at night to cuddle up and fall alseep. is anyone surprised that it's still only the first week of december. because to me, it feels like december has been here for a long long while. even though, it's december and almost the holidays, work hasn't been slowing down in the office at all. it's still go-go-go! and the weekends are jam packed with concerts, movies and meals with my friends. this coming weekend will be full one again, errands with my mum on saturday to get ready for cambodia, packing for cambodia, shoe shopping with friends. hopefully i can finished up all the rolls of film left dangling in my camera. i really want to see how the fisheye 2 and the lomography xr redscale film will be like before i leave. i actually have quite a few things to blog about, but time isn't giving me the chance to do so. as it is, i am dashing this post off while waiting for my colleagues to tidy up for the day (it's 7:35pm!). to make up for my blog silence, i am going to share a few links for some japanese photography blogs that i have been drooling over daily. i believe they are on a 365 photo projects. sha*bo*n-photo cocoro *iro* photo is life you won't need any translations because beauty transcends language. i hope you enjoy them as much as i do :)

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