Saturday, February 8, 2014

Disneyland Part 4, Hong Kong 2013

After that heart-stopping Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, we headed out from Grizzly Gulch towards Adventureland. We were about to turn left when we noticed a small line forming on the right. It's a small non-descript spot, an odd place for a queue to form, we knew something had to be up so we went up to the cast member in charge of the line and asked what was happening, she whispered to us Mickey and Minnie would be arriving soon! JACKPOT! We immediately ran to join the queue and were within the first 10 people in line. I think we waited for another 10 more minutes before they arrived. Mickey and Minnie are so funny! They had so many poses in their repertoire, it was hard to keep up! Mickey even kissed my hand!

C's aim of the day was actually to stalk for Stitch. Again, we were super lucky. We were heading out of Tomorrowland to Fantasyland via Stitch Encounter when we saw Stitch having a meet and greet! He was adorable, pulling out all his scary poses. I always find it hilarious when I hand my camera over to people to help take pictures, they always look for the viewfinder and I have to explain that my camera uses film, not digital. They always look shocked like these-things-are-still-around?! And I am always on tenderhooks, hoping the picture they took came out ok. 

I am not going to lie, we selected our food based on the amount of Mickey shapes (well, except for the churro). It's just not possible to resist Mickey-shaped croutons and waffles! I dare you to!

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