Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunset in Fremantle, Perth 2013

More than a month after arriving and departing Perth, Australia, I am finally ready to share my photos and memories of Perth. I am going to be recapping my trip, journal style. 

Perth Journal, Day 01

We caught an early morning flight from Singapore to Perth, and after your usual travel procedures, we got on the road to Fremantle, reaching in time to catch our first Australian sunset. It was possibly the most lovely sunset we have ever seen. With the other families at Bathers Beach, we watched the sun sink heavily over the horizon, casting a golden glow over the harbour and its surrounds.

After that spectacular first sunset to welcome us to Fremantle, we met my friend L for dinner at Sweetlips seafood cafe next to Bathers Beach. It's a smaller affair than Cicerello's or Kailis but it's a place where locals are more likely to congregate. It's also slightly harder to find, tucked around the corner of Kailis, facing Bathers Beach and adjacent to the WA Museum, Shipwreck Galleries but once you have found it, your tastebuds are in for a treat. Even now, more than a month after I have been back, I can't bring myself to eat any fish & chips because I know none will be able to top the amazingly fresh and tasty seafood we had in Fremantle.


  1. Gorgeous photos, particularly the first two!
    Definitely have to visit Perth one day.

    1. You should! Book the next available Qantas flight :)


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